Delivering for Agriculture

Growing Communities for Victorian farmers this election

Welcome to the Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) 2018 State Election Website.  During the Victorian State Election the Victorian Farmers Federation are focused on delivering for agriculture.

On Saturday 24 November, Victorians will go the polls to elect the 59th Victorian Government.

Victorian agricultural production contributes over $13 billion to the State’s economy every year, most of which is produced in Victoria’s rural and regional 48 electorates and regions.

We have chosen the theme “Delivering for Agriculture – growing communities” for our election campaign. It reinforces who we represent (farmers) but importantly it recognises that these farmers, our members, are vital components of rural and regional Victorian communities. We want to reinforce that beyond the boundaries of Melbourne, the strength of communities is strongly linked to the success of our farmers.

We are putting all candidates on notice. Agriculture, including farmers, is critical to the health and prosperity of our State.

We look forward to working with all our members and to engage with every candidate over the coming months.

Top 5 farmers election asks

  • A guaranteed energy future – $155 million to ensure long-term energy security (for rural and regional Victoria)
  • Fit for purpose roads – $6.2 billion to repair roads and ensure safe travel for Victorians and the timely transport of produce
  • Reliable telecommunications – $600 million to ensure phone and internet access (for rural and regional Victoria)
  • Responsible animal care – $20 million to ensure science-based, practical and sustainable animal care in Victoria
  • A  fair and equitable rates system – allowing regional communities to prosper

What Victorian farmers and their communities need this election

Farmers need certainty to underpin long-term investment and business confidence.
The Victorian Farmers Federation election campaign has identified four critical needs under four key platforms.


Who has promised what and what does it mean for agriculture?